Translating your vision into growth

I’m passionate about young (at heart) entrepreneurs who are full of exciting and creative ideas but who have a vision that they struggle to translate into a profitable strategy. In my day to day work I partner up with entrepreneurs to make their vision become reality, help them build a cohesive team and guide these businesses into taking the next step(s) towards stronger growth and greater results.

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— Lenny Houwaart, Dopper

“She’s a star in building the foundation that a company needs and she does it with an innovative eye for the happiness level of the employees.”

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Ilse played a key role in our growth from a small founder led organization to a professional team ready to scale operations. Ilse was quick to identify what was needed and especially who we needed to put in place. She set out a way of working, ensuring that the right information was shared and a culture was put in place making not only this a smooth transition but also a fun one with a strong and competent team.

— Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Co-founder

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