The challenge of leading a small business

I’m passionate about young (at heart) entrepreneurs who are full of exciting and creative ideas but who have a vision that they struggle to translate into a profitable strategy. In my day to day work I partner up with entrepreneurs to make their vision become reality, help them build a cohesive team and guide these businesses into taking the next step(s) towards stronger growth and greater results.

How we could work together

Entrepreneurial coaching

You are looking to develop yourself as a leader and would like to understand how you can ensure an engaged team, a great company culture and overall alignment on vision and goals.

Business model (re)validation

You have an idea for a new business you would like to test and/or your business model has evolved over the years and you would like to verify if it still fits.

Organizational structure creation or improvement

Your company is growing and the team is changing. It’s time to create or improve your organizational structure to confirm agreement about roles and responsibilities and to coordinate communication and relations.

Interim management

You are looking for a driven and enthusiastic head of people & organization, director of operations or managing director to temporarily fill an existing position, set up a new department or improve an existing one.

Better results

My hands-on approach will ensure quick wins for long-term results. I like working together with entrepreneurs and their team in a transparent and direct way. I’m a pragmatic thinker and very goal-oriented. After all, there is nothing better than helping small businesses think big and helping them obtain better results.