Working together with Ilse was a great experience. She comes in, every day, with a clear goal and she puts mind & heart on reaching that goal. She’s a star in building the foundation that a company needs and she does it with an innovative eye for the happiness level of the employees. She makes sure she knows exactly what’s happening within the company but is also a strong believer of a self sustaining structure. I sincerely hope working together with Ilse again in the future.

— Lenny Houwaart, International Marketing Manager Haarlem, the Netherlands


Ilse played a key role in our growth from a small founder led organization to a professional team ready to scale operations. Ilse was quick to identify what was needed and especially who we needed to put in place. She set out a way of working, ensuring that the right information was shared and a culture was put in place making not only this a smooth transition but also a fun one with a strong and competent team.

— Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Co-founder Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Ethos Foods

Ilse opened my eyes to running my business better. She taught me better management techniques that enabled me to get more out of my team and correct areas of my business that were underperforming. I do not even want to think where I would be had I not worked with Ilse. She detected issues and bottlenecks in my business incredibly quickly and then with patience and encouragement helped me to overcome a number of obstacles that were setting me back.

— Jessica Kruger, Founder London, UK